May 15, 2014

Simplistic Colourful - Makeup

Hi there!! And beware now because it's time for some more makeup playing sessions! And for this time cute colour combos will be used! And yeah okay .. i may want to run out of my old eyeshadows so i feel allowed to buy new ones. Juuust maybe.. Haha! Without no further do here's the showcasing of today :)
And here's the closeups:

Today i actually did something different and used glycerin as a primer and to give a more of a boost to the colour i used on my lid which is a very sheer light purple colour (even with a regular eye primer i didn't get much colour pay off with that eyeshadow, but glycerin is the answer to my prayers apparently! yay for Google.)

Then i took a matte slightly darker purple shadow and blended it on the outer part of the lid. With a chocolate brown colour i smoked out the colour over my crease and with a light golden eyeshadow as a transition colour torwards the brows.

For the lower lash line i went ahead with a purple colour with the special touch of a light blue on the inner corners.
Then the usual black eyeliner on the waterline and some mascara coats ! Enjoy :)

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