May 3, 2014

Songs I've Forgotten

We all have those songs that made part of a certain period of our lives but for some reason we stop listening to them. And then comes the day, like today, when we, for some odd reason, remember them all of a sudden!

These are mostly from my early teenage years and it's very nostalgic how they are connected to past moments and make us travel in time for a few seconds. I would literally fall asleep everynight listening to them.

And am i the only weirdo who used to make up videoclips on my mind featuring me as the main artist as i would listen to a song? And replaying the song because oh snap i missed some scenes on a certain part? Come on.. Join the boat, don't you hide..

Haha! Here are some that i can remember on top of my head and the following Youtube link if you wanna give it a listen:

Devics - A Secret Message For you

The Flir - Lick

Hungry Lucy - A Girl Alone

Thievery Corporation - Until the Morning

The White Stripes - A Martyr Of My Love For You

Flyleaf - Much Like Falling

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