June 11, 2014

Dying My Hair Pink!

.. yup, i did it!

It's what happens when you let Youtube videos influence you.. But it got me very determined a few mornings ago to go buy some fun colours! And even though i didn't dye my whole hair yet i'm very happy on how it turned out! For now i just sticked to the ombrèish look given as i never dyed my hair of such colour. Playing it safe i'd say. Ahhhh but i love it so much:

So happy and addicted to the new look that i even stocked up on more dyes while taking advantage of their sale at the store, because at first i only bought two but they are cheap as it is so might as well get a few more, so i thought.

These are the colour samples i found online!
The magenta colour is the colour i have on and first one i've tried so far! The second one is a sort of a pink champagne colour which is seriously just amaziiing.. And will try it it out next time i change this bright pink i have.
And a special thanks to my lil sis who picked the aqua green one for me! How gorgeous is it? In love!!
I fear an imminent hair cut in the next few months/weeks either way, so might as well have fun with some colour for now and then give my hair a very deserved rest!


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