June 16, 2014

Trying out Magnum Marc de Champagne!

Hi guys! So Magnum came out few months ago with some new ice cream flavours in order to celebrate its 25 years and me being a fan of this ice cream brand for as long as i can remember, of course i've been wanting to give this one a try. The whole thing just sounds so fancy!
And even because the packaging and the ice cream colour is beautiful!
And it took a pretty long time to finally find a place that sold them, so yeah now i feel accomplished, haha!
It has this really pretty grey coat on top of the regular Magnum ice cream chocolate and inside has a hint of champagne that is very minimal yet to my surprise was a bit overpowering to me maybe because i'm not very used to the alcohol taste.
But for champagne lovers or anything similar i can see how this ice cream could easily become one of their faves. To each their own!

I still find this whole thing a very interesting idea and i just can't get over that grey colour. So pretty!

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