July 16, 2014

FOTD + Hair Cut!

Hellos! After a pretty long hiatus here i decided to come back to the blogsphere! With a bit of lazyness, procrastination and some inner self conflicts added to the mix was sort of complicated to find the motivation to update this baby, but now i feel like committing to it :)

Wish i had a bazillion cool things to tell and share but first thing that pops to mind is that i cut my hair, yay finally! I was quite attached to my hair length but if it's not healthy.. might as well pay the price for not taking good care of it and chop it off! Pic taken on the day i cut my hair. Not much of a drastic change, but i totally felt the difference.


Looked orangy but webcam quality isn't the best and pink dye i had was fading, so there you go :)

Today was a pretty chilled day! Went out to re-stock on some face products and then later in the afternoon eye doc appointment. And oh boy, this vision is getting worse and worse .. :c

So here's my FOTD. Kind of a funny term, but guess it makes sense in the makeup world!


And here's the used products:

After foundation application, just put on a basic golden colour (my fave!) eyeshadow with a black lined eye. And i finally was able to get a waterproof mascara and it definately will come in handy during the hot weather.
An orchid colour that i stained on my lips and then topped it off with a lipgloss of a lighter colour to plump the lips a bit. Never used that kind of aplicator, but i like it; feels literally like a lip brush and a lipgloss all in one! Awesome!

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