July 25, 2014

Weekend Trip and Grotto Visit!

My parents have been wanting for my sis to visit the Sanctuary of Fatima for a very long time now, so this past weekend we managed to go and spend a weekend in there !

We left saturday morning at 10am and arrived around 16ishpm and thankfully it wasn't as exhausting as i was fearing it to be. We went by car and the road trip was pretty pleasant; a lot of unexpected rain happened so it was quite refreshing as well!

We made a stop on a service area before lunch and then one more before finally arriving.

Around 14pm we went to have lunch on a random restaurant we saw along the way and as you may imagine we were quite hungry so of course the last thing we would want would be for the waiter to forget our order.. so.. yeah.. u.u

Haha, after that incident we hit the road again and after a while our gps was kinda messing up with us, so we decided to follow a bus that looked like he would go to the same destination as us and for our luck.. it really did!

Soon after, there we were! Here's a few shots i took:


There wasn't that many people last saturday, so there was a lot of open space to walk around and take a good and close look at all of the architecture for those who appreciate.

And then at the end of the afternoon was time to decide on where we were gonna sleep! At first we were torn between sleeping inside the car or just get a hotel room to stay in or camping, but we ended up on searching for a hotel room.

There's a bunch of hotels near the sanctuary, but for that exact same reason they can get pretty pricey. So we drove around and tried to get as far as we could from there and ended up going to this really cool room we found. It was basically a hotel room but with two rooms inside, which was very family friendly.

Only bummer is that i couldn't access internet from my room.. bah.
After spending the night and leaving the room in the early morning we went to visit the Mira D'aire Grotto, yay! Haven't been there ever since i was just a kid, so it was pretty exciting!
Here's a few pics:

It gets quite scary the more you keep going down the stairs, but all of it is just amazing to stare at and take pics of even tho most of it is artificial. It gets cold in there too! I went as deep as 75m under the ground, mindblowing even when thinking about it.
All in all it was an awesome weekend spending quality time with the whole fam! Now i'm looking forward to finally go to the beach this Summer and stress a bit more about college again in September!

Enjoy your Summer =)

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