August 20, 2014

Amusement Park Day

Last friday was time to forget about what age we are and simply behave and have fun like a kid! Haven't been on an amusement park for years so that was a fun day of memory reviving.

This one i went is called Magikland and besides the typical rides it had eating areas for picnics, a pool, candy stores and.. staff from there stopping people all the time to convince them to take pics with animals that ranged from reptiles such as a snake and a huge lizard to an eagle. No, not scary at all .. :c Although at the end of the afternoon there was a public presentation of all the animals and their features/habits, which was actually one of the most interesting bits!

The whole area was pretty huge to walk from one side to another so if you're looking for a forced workout, you know where to go!

Here's a few pics from the park :)


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