August 26, 2014

So i dyed my hair green..


... oh yes i did it again! In the beginning of this month i was going through this phase once again of making an easy drastic (and reversable) difference to my look and what a better way than a hair change!
I had this hair dye sitting here for a few months now (you can see my previous post about dyes here) and even tho it didn't turn out as expected i
couldn't be more excited with the results!
I just wish i done it when my hair was a bit lighter so i could get similar results to my poor towel.. u.u More of a teal shade.
Instead it turned out into a surprisingly complementing hair shade so i kept it for a few days. Just a few days because i know that it's not an exactly usual colour and  college is starting in a few weeks anyway and i know i wouldn't feel comfortable going with this said bold choice. Or maybe i'm just too self conscious.. Always a chance!

So on that note my hair is already back to a more natural colour; a dark brown in which i wanna try to keep it as long as possible so my hair gets a break and it can grow out 'peacefully'.

It was a nice change and when i feel like i'm confident enough to pull off such a colour like that i'll definately adventure myself to it again! For now i'll just stick to my comfort zone .. u.u

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