September 13, 2014

50 Things I Like

 rain when i wake up in days i know i won't leave the house
those days when we know it's probably cold outsider but we won't have to step out of the comfort of our home
when my sis sings to me her crazy songs
let's just say that she makes up the weirdest songs o:
cute notebooks
at the end of the day what we choose is a reflection of ourselves
be with my boyfriend
i don't get to be with him often due to distance, so whenever there's the chance it's always a good day ^-^
good hair days
waking up and feel like my hair doesn't need any touch ups other than combing? uh, yes please!
when i have motivation to do something
a lot can contribute for me to procrastinate on something, but whenever i overcome it feels just great
furry jackets
to 'snuggle' with during cold days
while driving talks with my mom
the time when we talk about whatever
freshly dyed hair
i love changing my hair colour once in a while and that vibrant first day colour always looks awesome
yup, dog lover here! can't wait until i can adopt one :c
visit places i've never been before
it's like you cross in your mental life journey that 'okay i can say i've been here once at least'
make up
it's like freedom, you can do whatever you want with it
big part of my teenhood and part of my daily routine
my room
where all of my stuff is stored and everything is my own
watch documentaries
an easy way to learn something detailed of your interest
something i wish i can have someday in my future dream house
read on forums
i love a good read on people's opinions
it's part of life whenever you have a paper and pencil on your hand!
filled with tuna, egg salad, chicken.. it's able to replace my normal meals everytime!
another big part of my teenhood and filled with nostalgic memories
a nice breeze in the morning
right after sun rise that not cold nor warm breeze that you can feel in your skin
hot showers during winter
that warmness and the steam from the water feels so pleasant
organize my desk
it's hard to keep it organized as there's a lot going on there, but it's nice whenever it looks untouched after organizing it
making homemade things from scratch and feel proud about it
long dresses
such an easy thing to wear on whatever ocasion
one of my favourite accessories
a winged eye is my go to look paired with a nice colour lipstick
haven't been close to snow in years, but always had good memories on having fun playing with snow
melted chocolate
chocolate is already yummy, but melted? on a pancake? a cake? heaven!
only wish i was able to go to concerts..
already have one on my wrist and planning on getting a half moon on my other wrist and another small one somewhere else
a needed item for the everyday life
my laptop
where my life is stored pretty much
blue flowers
it's unusual to see blue coloured flowers and to me they're the prettiest looking
yet another big part of my teenhood and my plan for life years ago
straighten my hair
love when i can get my hair pin straight
phone calls with my boyfriend
late phone calls at night before falling asleep are the best
my favorite shoe type!
green tea
yay for its benefits
watch cooking vídeos
i'm not that great of a cook, but i like to make some experiments whenever i'm inspired by some recipes watching cooking vídeos
emily, the strange
i don't exactly remember how i came across it but my younger self felt a connection with her.
in fact, first time i dyed my hair black many years ago was inspired by her
love and be loved
because as much as i used to think i didn't need anyone i come to the realisation that i need it more and more everyday
sweet and fruity scents *-*
just because it's cute!
fuzzy blankets
my item to 'snuggle' with at night
window shop
see what's out there without necessarily buying
comedy movies
to get rid of daily life worries for a short amount of time
comfort food to me!
to give that final touch on some diy projects


  1. A great list. And most of these are not extravagant. Simple things that bring big pleasures in our lives.

  2. Happiness can be found in the smallest things! :) Thank you, SuperLux ^_^


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