September 1, 2014

A Day at the Beach

Finally this year for the first time we went to the beach, woot! It's funny how i'm not really the biggest beach fan - sand makes things so messy -, but it's a nice thought knowing i'm heading there (even if this rarely!).
We left the house a bit after 5AM to go to the train station and arrived at around 8ishAM. And nope, no signs of sleepyness from everyone! We had breakfast in this really tiny coffee shop which literally had the yummest looking pastries and then we proceeded to go pick our spot at the beach which wasn't really hard because at that time it was completely desert with just some people walking or running by the water.

In the morning was when the weather was more pleasant with a nice semi cold breeze. And the best time to hop in the water, during the afternoon the waves were going wild!, but seeing no one inside as well makes it not a very valid choice u.u
So instead, taking care of my sis and lil cousin playing with them in the water was the way to go!

Sunbathing was a big part of the day as well. It's like there is some kind of competition in my family to see who gets tanned the most o.o.. and guess who didn't won!

Picking shells of course, one of the coolest things to do at the beach. There was a time where a bunch of people were with their bags on their hand picking mussels out of rocks. It looked like the adult version of picking shells!

It started to get chilly by the time we were getting ready to go to the train station again, but it didn't stop us from getting another ice cream!
I spent pretty much the whole trip back home napping and starting to feel my body sore, that must've meant it was a great day! :)


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