September 4, 2014

Revamping Room Stuff

Hello, hello! :)
What better way to make old stuff laying around the house look like new again other than to paint it? Or even just tweak it a bit?
Been wanting to decorate a couple of jars i had sitting on my desk and it progressed into changing a few more things.
I decided to use spray paint just because it's easy, doesn't make a mess and the final result always looks polished if you let it dry appropriately!
Bought two cheap spray bottles in black and golden and these two going along together as colours isn't a hard task.


So for the first jar i had i painted a layer of black leaving the bottom untouched and then i simply started to spray the golden layer from the bottom up to leave seemingless lines on where the colours met each other.
For the second one i covered it with a layer of golden paint and then just cut a paper heart and sprayed with the black on top to leave the outer traces of it while not following an exact pattern all around.

Here i used a hand mirror i have for ages and over time it's obviously gonna look worn out and being white it would always get easily stained by my makeup.
Improvised a mirror protection in the front to not get any paint and just sprayed it golden all over and it makes a whole difference! Looks lovely and almost kinda vintagey.
Last but not least.. a cookie box! I found at the supermarket these packs of three cookie box thingies and the size of it is very decent and quite compact, so i bought them for some items storage to put inside my purse.
But it being plastic the pink gives it a sort of a fragile look so i just sprayed it black and now it looks not only more passable, but more sturdy as well!

You can get as creative or as simple as you wish, good luck! ^-^


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