December 29, 2014

My Christmas - 2014 Edition!

And Christmas time is over!

This past week off school has been pretty chilled making an already contrast with the upcoming one.. which will be spent studying pretty much most of the time. Or at least i pretend to do so! Gotta keep the grades up.

Spent Christmas just with core family here at home for the first time in a very long time. It's definately a more intimate enviromnent but kinda miss a bit spending it at grandma's with the house full. But as time goes by it has that power of making people change in a way or another and bonds get broken sometimes due to that.

Either way! One of the many characteristics of this eve are presents! Who doesn't like to get a lil something once in a while? And offer something you know is gonna make that person smile? I know i do!

This year i didn't ask for anything in particular to Santa Claus, but i still got a few things that i love and are useful for me:

I've always prefered caramel colour bags because to me they go better with whatever colours i'm wearing, but i've actually been into black bags recently. And the pop of colour inside makes it extra special!

Yup, no surprise here. Makeup! And a small brush set that will come in handy.

And finally a matching bracelet for me and my sis! Simple, yet cute. =)

Hope you had and continue to have great holidays!

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