February 9, 2015

Changing Hair Colours


Hello everyone! Topic of the day? Hair!

I don't know about you, but i never seem to be happy with my hair colour. And it only gets worse when i've already tried different and unusual hair colours. It's like i already got the taste of the fun!

Last month i dyed my hair dark brown, as i intend to grow my hair long, and as i'm a natural brunette then i wouldn't have to worry about roots or touch ups! But i just couldn't stick to it any longer when other colours can be much more flattering or give me a better look.

So here i am on this quest to try to achieve a colour that i know i'm going to want to make it last!

Here's a bit of the before and after:

After bleaching it i, obviously, got this orange colour that only after a few hours i was comfortable enough with it to even get out of the house like that, haha. But still on camera it looks way darker than what it looked like in person, so you get the idea!

Needless to say.. it didn't exactly complement my complexion even tho i didn't completely hate it. But it can always be improved right?

So today, after the course of this 3-day-hair-torture i decided to tweak it and already am feeling a bit more like me as it got a slight darker colour. Phew, the power of hair...

Difference is visually a bit subtle, but it definately made its magic on my way of seeing it and on how i'm feeling about it now.

I'm all for experimenting with colour. Life's too short to wonder how it coud/would look like instead of doing it right away.

Good luck with your hair transformations! :)

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