February 18, 2015

DIY - Simple & Easy Candles

Lately i've been obssessing over candles; it gives such a cosy feeling when you walk into a room and the scent of it burning only adds to that. So why not make it our own by giving our special little touch? We can either keep it or give it as a gift as our very own homemade customized candle.

Been researching on how and it's super easy and quick!

Keep in mind there are many ways to make them, here i'm going for the simpliest to me :)

Here are the basic things you'll need:

Get a jar in the shape you want. For this diy i'll just be using the classic shaped one. But the crazier the shape the more interesting the final result will be!

Get an oil based scent (oil based scents can take the heat) of your choice.

For the candle itself i'll be melting these little colourless and scentless ones that i've had in a while, as i don't have anything else planned for them, and will be reusing a wick from one of them. You can also use other wax material as you wish as beewax.

For the process

Usually it's best to use a pot with water, boiling it, and then with a second smaller pot inside the boiling water one melt the wax, but on this case as the wax was a bit too hard i melted it directly on low heat.

Add couloring to your wax if you desire so. I used what i had at home already, crayons. I chopped a a light pink and a tiny bit of red. Another alternative is to use candle dye and it will, of course, give you a better and more saturated colour than crayons.

While you are at it pour your scent accordingly to the amount of wax you have melted. Make sure your wax is not too hot when you do it or else the scent won't be as strong.

Then just mix!

Now place the wick and just pour the your mix into your jar! I didn't elaborate much, but -

If you fancy you can even get some silicone mold for cookies or cupcakes to get a different shape (Don't forget the wick!) 

Play with colours by layering them (letting each layer cool first before the other) to get an ombre look for example. Then pop it in the fridge until it hardens.

Customize the jar to your taste as well!

The choice is all yours. Have fun!

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