February 22, 2015

How Has College Life Been So Far

Hello everyone! Today i felt like sharing a little bit of my college experience so far and how things have been. And well i guess it fits the initial purpose of the blog; documenting things of my life! I've been branching it out a lil bit, but it's fine. It's still all part of life if we think about it.

I'm currently 20, turning 21 in May (still don't feel like it tho!) so by now i should be on my last year of college. But things obviously don't always go as we'd wish and sometimes - hey - it's for the better don't despair!

So. To set the background Translation and Interpretation have always been the studies goal for me ever since i was pretty young. I've had my fair share of different 'when i grow up i wanna be... this or that' throughout all my life and even tho i'm sticking to Translation deep down i know that i could still perfectly try to achieve my inner child dream job but i guess i have this tendency to always go for the 'easy' route. Anyway -

I had some school issues when i was 18, so that was already a one year delay to get in college. During this period of time was actually when i started blogging to see what it feels like and maybe do something meaningful out of it. So far i've been a little bit on and off about it but very willing to try to keep it updated as always as possible!

By 19 i applied to college in Braga in European Languages and Literature and.. i stayed in there for a month exactly. Yeah. You see, i've always been very sheltered with not much 'street' experience or being that comfortable being on my own so far from home. Especially with people i have never seen in my life.
I had to share this tiny little room with this one girl (whom - just between you and me - after a few weeks i wasn't even that much fond of her anymore. when people don't need you anymore they don't really tend to pay the same amount of attention to you, do they?).

I used to spend pretty much all of my free time in there and trust me.. it gets a bit depressing after a while.
And this because i am really not a social kinda person, which doesn't leave me with that many options.  I make my tries of putting myself out there, but still. Meh. It's a bit rare for me to relate to other people who are the total opposite from me and on top of that i was (still am, but feel like right now i got it handled better) shy.
Might be weird to make all of this a reason to quit college but being so outside of your comfortable zone, not many friends made from classes, feeling completely left out and alone isn't that much a good of a reason to stay either way..

But of course i have some good memories from there! It wasn't the end of the world at all. Just felt like fish out of water and didn't have what it takes to adapt myself, that's all.

Looking back i probably wouldn't quit that soon and would do my best to at least stay in there for more time to see if things get better, but i understand my decision.

During this time i remained making some blog posts and job hunting.

And now here we are. I applied to a college here in Porto in Translation and even tho i'm still my socially awkward self things have been a bit better. I share an apartment with one girl that is close to family to me and her friend who is also in college. Now i have a spacious room for myself and a little bit more confidence in me.

Still not in the happy ending i am looking for but the progress has been noticeable. I've been more focused on what i want and i don't let the rest dictate the reason on the reason why i am in there.

But it goes to show you how much the enviromnent we are surrounded by does such effect on our decisions. What a power, huh?

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