February 13, 2015

How to Change your Blog Looks By Yourself

Today i decided to share how i was able to for the first time to make a completely makeover on my blog with the precious help of other blog posts online.
Always had a hard time finding templates that i liked and fitted my own personal style but those are quite hard to find for free. And even when i was considering buying one the ones i liked tended to be a bit expensive.
So after contemplating a lot i felt brave enough to mess up a bit around the blog. Contemplating because i don't have that much experience doing it and just wanted to avoid needless frustration BUT i actually did it! And i finally got happy with the results.

Simple and minimalist yet charmming.

On this post i will show how i was able to make my header in a very easy way and a compilation of other blog posts that has helped me! Hope this is a good basic guide for you. The rest will definately come with creativity and will power to learn. Have fun!

HEADER, tips i found helpful:

Header Image for your Blog - from www.fabulousblogging.com
Custom Header - from www.smallbusiness.chron.com
Create a Blog Header that Looks Good - from www.thewonderforest.com

1. Went to Google images to get a simple transparent background image and got on Photoscape

2. Chose a picture online that i liked and went on LunaPic to remove its white background

3. Went back to Photoscape and started to assemble the pictures to my own taste

And done! A quick and easy way for beginners like me to be able to make my own header with not much trouble.

FONT, tips i found helpful:

Install Google Web Fonts - from www.codeitpretty.com
Customize Post Title Font - from www.thecutestblogontheblock.com

RANDOM, tips i found helpful:

Remove Blogger Nav. Bar - from www.helpblogger.blogspot.com
Change Blogger's Share Buttons - from www.theblogdecorator.com
Some HTML Basics to Custom - from www.cottonandcurls.com
Make your Own Background - from www.thecutestblogontheblock.com
Make your Blog not Look like a Blogger's Blog - from www.carrieloves.com

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