February 21, 2015

Nude Sunset - Makeup

My go-to makeup? Foundation, sometimes powder, eyeliner, mascara and a lipstick. But lately i've been in the need to give use to all of my barely used eyeshadows and find ways to incorporate them in daily looks. If possible quick and easy ones!
So for today's one will be a simple mix of sunset-like colours paired with a nude lip.

It can be considered the fast way to achieve a smokey eye look as well with just two eyeshadows, as long as there's a light and a darker colour. :)

Starting with the obvious colour: orange! And just blend it all over the lids and the outer corners.

On the center of the lid for a pop of colour i put one of my favorite colours; this golden sort of foiled eyeshadow. Even just by itself it is already a statement on the eyes.

Before all the finishing touches like mascara and eyeliner, bam! A plum colour on the lower lashline for the 'surprise strike'.

Have fun!

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