March 4, 2015

Everyday Twist - Makeup

As i usually in the morning, while getting ready to go out, tend to feel a bit lazy to do anything other than my normal makeup routine today i'll be doing my favorite usual-black-eyeliner substitute: royal blue! Suitable for everyone with the right blue shade :)

Starting with the basics!

My skin is far from perfect so a good moisturizer or any other product to prep the skin before applying foundation is very welcome! Few months ago i was looking around at the drugstore and saw some products on sale one of them being that Essence one.
Decided to purchase and try it out and so far so good! I like to apply it on my cheeks and nose and it gives my skin this smooth surface that makes a significant difference in the overall look when paired with my good ol' trusty Catrice foundation.

Now for the fun part! To make the blue stand out afterwards without overshadowing it i applied this beige colour all over my lid (excuse that black leftover on my lashline).

Details can be subtle yet they make looks more complete. For this look the detail will be to highlight the brow bone with a white colour and mesh/blend together the 'line' that separates this colour and the previous one.

Now for the main element, the blue lined eye! With a flat brush i lined along my lash line with the royal blue colour. Then with the navy blue to sharpen the edges slightly.
With the same colour i lined my waterline. Mascara and bam! Eye steps are completed. Simple!

The attention must go to our eyes on this case so a nude lip colour will be the finishing move! This one i got at Primark a few days ago. I would describe it as a mauvy nude colour. I love it! Makes the lips appear fuller as a bonus.

Have fun! :)

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