March 8, 2015

Saturday Funday!

Yesterday my lil cousin attended her holy communion so the whole fam was invited to dinner and to celebrate it, so on that note it was the perfect time to make a quick blog update.

The ceremony took place at the local chapel and thankfully the weather was very welcoming to not have to rely on coats.

Hairdresser appointment, some cute new clothes and the whole makeup step was a big part of the day too. Everyone likes to impress others somehow at all ocasions!

Got that white long sleeved shirt at Bershka with some really interesting lace details on the chest and shoulders. On the bottoms i went with black leggings and black shoes.
For makeup i kept it quite simple by just going with a wash of a brown gun metal colour paired with a bright pink lipstick.

The night went on and on with some delicious meal courses and with a few too many drinks for the most part. How you know for sure when someone is already drunk? When they uncontrollably rock the dance floor..

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