April 18, 2015

20 Things I Don't Like

A few months ago i made the list of 50 Things i Like (which can be found here) so now it is time to reveal 20 of the many things that i DON'T like. Challenge yourself to do the same and good luck! :)
being shy
even tho it has gotten better, there is still some shyness flowing in me
the cold
i'm definately a more of a sun person
other people taking pics of me
i just feel awkward and i like being able to control the angles. no one knows your face better than yourself!
expensive makeup
i can understand why, but take it down a notch please..
unluckyness in Hearthstone
those RNG elements..
not being able to post often
sometimes there is lack of ideas and other times sadly it is the last thing i have to worry about
working the abs is the worst but summer is right around the corner!
i spend almost two hours on them everyday, it ain't comfy
bad smells
which is another recurring thing in buses
rude people
no need for that
negative people
even tho i am and feel too sometimes
forgetting tasks
it's the worst!
we all do it
being sick
i've had this cold for over a couple of weeks now :c
i'm on the dog team!
not having enough time in the morning to get ready
i love sleeping too much
not remembering song lyrics
i used to be better at it
when something comes to an end
my fave candle, a good piece of chocolate, a show, the list is endless
not having internet connection
it's like i'm all of a sudden out of touch with what is happening everywhere
being misunderstood
i'm not the greatest at communicating and let others know what i'm feeling

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