April 7, 2015

Playing with Homemade Lip Colours

While weeks aren't too busy for me and i'm not drowned in school exams (yet) then i shall have some fun and play around with my makeup for a bit!

Today the main focus was lipcolours. Whether it is for everyday use or cosplay for example, they each can require a way different type of colour shades. Sometimes even very unusual ones! So instead of having to buy a specific lipstick for a certain time and place, why not make a customized one?
You just need to find an eyeshadow colour that is the closest to the colour you need to achieve and grab some vaseline to mix it all together. If it turns out THAT good you can even get a small container, put the mix in there, pop it in the freezer for a few hours to harden it up and there you go. A homemade lip colour that you can easily put on on the go.

Here's a few attempts i made:

A bright orange colour that is a great substitute for red.
Our good old pink colour.
 One of my favorite eyeshadow colours turned into lip product!
For very specific ocasions (like cosplay, there you go) a green-sea colour.

A dark and deep plum which can be really sexy.
If you try it out hope you have fun! :)

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