May 10, 2015

Exploring Porto + After Bday Feelings!

Ahh, still trying to believe that i'm 21 years old for a week now.. When we are young we always imagine what would be like to have a certain age and when we reach that age the question is "Have i met my child expectations now that i am that certain age?" and truth be told, not.. YET!

But anyway,

Now that my week off, due to college festivities, is over it's time for a recap of what i've been up to.

Finally I got the visit of my lovely boyfriend once again for the entire week. We went to take care of his move to my city in a few months and of course enjoying the time to go on walks and visit some cool places around Porto!

Bolhão market
 Crystal Palace gardens
For the first time i saw a peacock live! Couldn't believe how far his feathers would go.

Aliados at night

Challenge yourself to explore your city more. As many times as you've done the same path over and over again there will always be some places that will just take a good second look to be found by you. :)

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