June 24, 2015

First Time Flying!

One of the things that i certainly intend on doing, when i get a well paying job after college, is to travel all around the world; but for that to work out plane rides will be needed. And i've always panicked a lil bit inside just at the thought of it.
My mom and sis haven't been on a plane either so my dad booked us three a short flight from Porto to Lisbon so we could get it over with finally! Weeks prior to the 'big' day ('big' because flying for a good amount of people isn't anything special) i was so scared there were times i'd lose sleep at night even! And searching online all the statistics and tips i could find.  I couldn't bare with the thought of the 'what if' problems that could happen while up in the air. At the day of the flight i was looking miserable of fright.
We waited and waited at the airport, observing which rows do what and what the whole process on getting in the plane was like from from looking at other people.
After a while we were inside finally! Such a narrow space, as a first impression. And thankfully the rain had stopped and a few sun rays came in.
As the plane was getting ready to depart flight attendants were explaining all the safety procedures. Just like in the movies! And as it went up in the sky the feeling of floating almost was so real. From that point on all the fear was gone, really. There's a certain peace to it.
The anxiety we feel and have before something we've never done before can get pretty overwhelming and ruin something so beautiful by antecipating so much what can go wrong. Going with the flow is the way to go from now on :)

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