February 10, 2016

Games I've Been/Stopped Playing - Hearthstone, The Sims, etc.

Like most people who grew up with computers or any other sort of technology at all ever since a young age, I developed a strong liking for videogames.

Before I had my first computer, my parents got me a Sega Mega Drive which to this day I still own and it still works! It is one of those things that I'll make sure I'll keep it for as long as I can as it brings me such great and fun memories. Streets of Rage was my favorite game with Blaze Fielding being my favorite character.


The first actual computer game I remember playing, as an 8 year old probably, was Airline Tyccon First Class. My dad somehow got it for me; I had no idea on what to do there, what was the point... Exploring and trying to put 1 + 1 together, slowly but surely got me going. Still to this day I love to play it. Airline Tyccon First Class 2 on the other hand, was quite a downgrade in my opinion.

Then The Sims came in to the scene and I was literally addicted. Overall it is a very easy game to like and caters to all ages. Its simple format kept my imagination rolling by creating families and their stories.

But the game that really sealed my teen years was Perfect World. I made a small post about it some time ago. It changed my life in many ways as it was where I also found my boyfriend of almost 3 years now! Yes, sometimes people can be lucky like that! I rarely play it now honestly. Some changes in the game kind of ruined it for me. It used to be quite challenging and now it is like everything falls from th sky.
Nowadays, for a number of reasons, I find it more difficult to get immersed in a game as I used to. That's why I've been playing more casual games as Hearthstone. I have accomplished quite a few goals in there being a free to play player. And sometimes cool stuff happens like this:


All in all videogames can teach us many powerful things that we can use in our life; we just need to open our minds about it. In fact, one of the advantages I took from playing games was learning english which proved to be one of the most important skills I could have nowadays. It is a mandatory skill for most jobs (in non native english countries), in school, English was one less subject I had to worry about studying and in my daily life and hobbies that I like to do requires the use of english.
If you are already a native english speaker and you are learning another language, switch it to the language you are learning of any game you like playing. It might strongly help you.
And if anyone by any chance happens to play Hearthstone as well, you are welcome to add me there!

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