February 7, 2016

Getting A Nose Piercing!

I already got a tattoo a few years ago, so obvious next step for me would be to have a piercing; a nose piercing. And then yes, it officially closes my what to do list of my once-a-teen self!

I was a bit reluctant on getting pierced because, you know... Who likes to feel pain? So my boyfriend made a deal that he would get his first tattoo afterwards to match mine; we were in this together!

This happened in September of last year and on the big day I remember having some mild panic before going in to the studio. After some pep talk we finally went inside and we started by telling the guy what we wanted to do. My boyfriend took care of the details of his tattoo and then it was decided that I was going first!

My hands started to sweat as I was sitting on the chair; he started by marking with his pen a dot on where my piercing would be located and asked if I agreed. It was fine by me and then it was showtime! Let's just say that it took him a few tries before I let him pierce my nose... And my eyes instantly started to water because of the pressure. But overall I'd give 4/10 in terms of pain. Very tolerable.

I was also advised on how to care for the nose piercing. If I wanted to change it, only after 6 months and to regularly clean it with saline solution and a q-tip. And of course, to not touch it if possible during the first weeks.

He used one of those nose studs (which hopefully you can see above). On that same night I woke up a few times because my nose was feeling sore and it was uncomfortable. It took me about 2/3 months for me to not even remember I had my nose pierced. But it varies from person to person, so don't be afraid.

A few weeks ago I changed it and put on a nose ring that we got from Claire's. So far it has done its job well!

I have plans on getting my belly button pierced before the Summer; let's see how that goes!

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