February 4, 2016

My Pets | Guinea Pigs

Geez.. Another long-time-no-see moment here! Life has been keeping me busy lately due to school but now that it is exam season, things have slowed down a bit more.

Today I decided to introduce you to my new furry little friends! My sweet and lovely guinea pigs ♥

So here's a little background info first; as I attend college in another city and I live pretty much alone while I am there, I was starting to feel the need to have some company. But not any kind of company, I wanted to have my first very own pets. But it couldn't be just any pet because I stay at an apartment, so dogs and cats were a no no for me. The research for the perfect pet begun! I was mainly looking for a small sized pet, obviously, with not much upkeep required compared to other animals, cheap "maintenance", social, playful and docile. It all led to guinea pigs! And I actually used to own guinea pigs when I was younger, but not much memory of it unfortunately.

After reading a bunch of information online the ideal is to always have at least two guineas, as they are herd animals, and that it would be easier for them to get along if they're all female.

Say hello to my cuties! I present you to Oli
and Pew!!
I followed the first indication and I got two of them, but ignored the latter and got males for two reasons: the lady I got them from only had males and as they are brothers and the exact same age, I doubted there would be any major problem about it. So far so good!
They are just so precious and every week they always manage to do something cute and different!
Pets really have the power to brighten our day ♥

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