July 19, 2017

City Lights - Digital Painting Process (Step by step)


This past week I've been struggling with making paintings that actually make me feel good about myself. Maybe for lack of inspiration or just because I couldn't technically express whatever I was imagining, it was starting to make me feel pretty frustrated.

I was randomly lurking on Instagram and came across this beautiful picture of Trisha Paytas. I found the whole vibe and background to be absolutely beautiful, so I took it as inspiration for this piece!

Here's the process:

1 - Basic rough sketch

2 - Here I started by colour blocking the main colours and then some rough sculpting of the face features

3 - I proceeded to refine the face and to introduce some new shades to the main colours

4 - For the background I put on a few darker shades of blue then I took some air particules/spatter/fairy dust brushes to resemble lights with the Overlay blending mode and applied Gaussian Blur.

5 - Here I painted a proper balcony structure and played around with Selective Colour which gave this piece a whole other dimension

6- I applied some "glitter" to the dress and made some more refining of other elements

After some tweaking around I was finished!

Hope you like it! :)

You can find more on my DevianArt and Youtube channel!

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