July 23, 2017

Hair Trap (digital painting timelapse)

After some sketching around I finally found a direction for it. Hope you like it! :)
Software: Photoshop CC 2017
Digital Tablet: Wacom Intuos Draw S

Current Inspirations:
Apterus: http://apterus.deviantart.com/
Guweiz: http://guweiz.deviantart.com/
Ilya Kuvshinov: http://kuvshinov-ilya.deviantart.com/
Serafleur: http://serafleur.deviantart.com/

A special thanks to the lovely Gabriel Simão for making this track for me to use!
His Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Gbriel1234567890
His Bandcamp page: https://itsgabrielsimao.bandcamp.com/

You can find me on:
DEVIANART: http://starlingsnow5.deviantart.com/
INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/starlingsnow/
TUMBLR: http://lightupmyspirit.tumblr.com/

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