December 6, 2017

Prairie | Digital Painting Timelapse

Hello! ❄

Phew, this is my second try repainting a sketch I did few days ago. I've already spent around 6h hours on the first try, so starting all over again from scratch wasn't an easy decision. However, I'm very happy I did!

I used Paint Tool SAI to sketch and thanks to the stroke stabilizer it was so much smoother to draw than Photoshop.

I also made a skin color pallete to help me not side track too much on the skin colour. I wanna do more for other skin tones in the future. It's a good exercise.
After i finished recording I did some tweaks on the leg, ear, lighting and highlights.
I'll be posting a step by step process with commentary still this week of this piece!
Hope you enjoy the video :)

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