February 28, 2018

My Art Recap of February! | Digital Paintings

Hello! How was your February?

A few posts ago I mentioned that I would be archiving my digital paintings, on a monthly basis in just one post, and that I would write a little bit about each piece. You can read my last month's art recap here!

But without further do, between contest submissions and figure drawing practices, here are my finished paintings for this month!


I'm not entirely happy about this one; however, it's all part of the learning process, right? I decided to paint Chromie on one of her Heroes of the Storm skin. She is one of my favorite characters to play there and I like to paint fan art every once in a while, so that's always a good premise. I actually made a NSFW version of this painting, which I haven't figured out where to post it yet. Well, or if I ever will anyway since I'm not much into this painting anymore :o

HEARTBREAKER - Valentine's Day Edition

This was my Valentine's Day themed painting. I didn't want to go the romantic route, instead I wanted to portray someone flirty looking for a date. It's a very simple concept and I thought I would be done in a couple of hours, but nope. There were many twists and turns from sketch to final result that took me quite some time. If you're interested, I recorded the process of this painting and you can watch it  here. :)


This painting was created quite randomly. I was practicing figure drawing from some references online and I ended up really liking this pose. From that point on, I sketched the rest of the character and here's the final result! I really enjoyed working on this one. I recently posted a step by step process blog post where I break down how I approached this painting. You can find it here!


I haven't made a black and white digital painting in a very long time. This speedpaint took me about 2h30 and my idea was to create a helpless character under the rain, as well as practice painting water effects. 


This was my first try for a contest where we had to create the new face for a certain beauty brand. I didn't end up submitting this portrait though. The one I did submit I will be able to show once the winner is picked, next month. As I decided to participate only 3 days away of the deadline, I was feeling in a rush which might have shown in my submission, but oh well!


Once again, another speedpaint. On this one, I tried to experiment more with brushes. Sometimes I feel a bit conflicted when it comes to the use of different brushes in one piece. I've read online that the fewer brushes you use the better, so it makes the final result more cohesive.  The last couple of months I've been faithful to my round brush plus airbrush combo, so it was nice to change it up a bit by using my other brushes. 

And that's it for February! I hope you liked it and that you stay tuned for more!

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