March 30, 2018

My Art Recap of March! | Digital Paintings

Hello everyone!

As usual, here's a post dedicated to all of the digital paintings I created this month. (Side note: If you're interested, you can also check out my art recaps for January and February!)

And phew, this was probably the month I created the most number of pieces. It makes me feel accomplished but I'm afraid that the urge to put out often new work takes a toll on quality since I'm not very experienced yet with drawing and painting. Regardless, feels great to have finished things to share!

So, let's talk a little bit about each digital painting:

This was my first painting of this month. I wanted to create something a bit different from my usual subjects and have these fantasy elements combined. Looking back at this piece again, I would make some changes on the composition and her face, but overall I see some potential! I might try to recreate this in the future.

This one is my favorite digital painting I made this month. I love designing characters and create their outfits. She's the type of character that if I ever make a game or something similar, she would be in there. I didn't have much planned beforehand, so the idea of the portal, the weapon and the mood of this painting were definitely an after thought.
For this piece, I had the main idea in mind, unlike the last digital painting. Sometimes, due to many different reasons, we don't really achieve what we idealized, which can be a bit scary as I would prefer to rely on planning instead of improvising/going with the flow. 
And I say this because I have many unfinished psd files that I stopped working on, once I didn't know which direction to go for. I just get fed up with what's in front of me, so I move on to a new sketch and the cycle repeats once in a while. Regardless, I still like this piece although I didn't put the necessary hours to make it look more polished.
I love when we start to sketch something and the painting sort of takes off. It's an extremely simple concept, but I really liked the simplicity of it and the colour combo. It's one of the rare ocasions where I didn't spend too much time or thought on it, but the process and end result turned out really pleasant to me!

I love playing Heroes of the Storm and very often really amazing character skins are added to the game. For the Lunar Year theme, Jaina got this really awesome red dress and I wanted to reproduce it. I tried to stay true to the dress details and her accessories. For the background, I had to look up on how to paint ice and came across this really helpful video if you're interested in watching!
Here's a very quick speedpaint that took me just under an hour, which is why it looks a bit rough. It was fun working with bright colours and do something different from what I'm used to. I was quite carefree on this one, which felt good.
This is my take on this month's birthstone, the Aquamarine, for my Birthstone Series I'll be making throughout this year. This birthstone is linked to the sea and water, so I decided to make the character's hair as the sea water and then have all of those sea related elements in there.
This was a quick portrait that I was able to finish within a few hours. I started to love having green lighting on my paintings as it gives off such a cool look. I am thinking on choosing some animals and make portraits inspired by them to make a collection/series out of those illustrations.
There's really no deep meaning behind this one. I wanted to make this sort of queen of skeletons that looks very innocent, but actually holds a lot of power. At the time, I had no clue on what to do for the background, so flower brushes came to the rescue! :D
And the last one! This painting is actually an old painting from the beginning of this year that I haven't picked up on until a few days ago. She had an outfit that I didn't like and as the layers were already all merged together, I got lazy to change it since it would take a bit of work. But here it is now! :)

And that's it! Thank you so much for checking out this month's art recap! Don't forget to check out January and February's art recaps as well!

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