May 4, 2018

My Art Recap of April | Digital Paintings

Hello everyone!

Finally, I was able to put together this recap for April. This month was for sure the month I produced the most number of finished pieces, so it took a bit longer to compile them all in one post.

Overall, I am happy with the outcome of the paintings and if anything, it makes me realise on what I need to improve - and that would be: better planning and better rendering. Looking back at some pieces, I feel like some of them look a bit flat, so it's something that I'll be sure to pay more attention in the future.

I hope you can take some inspiration out of this post for your own paintings and, of course, if you haven't seen my previous art recap's you can check them out here: January | February | March.

So let's get started!


This piece was supposed to be just a portrait practice, but I kept adding details and details until it became something that I ended up really liking. It was nice to play around with the hair :)


I was going back and forth with ideas on what I should make to celebrate Easter and this is what I came up with. At first I was going to make something related to Easter eggs, but then this came to mind - a chick girl hatching!


The process of this painting was one of my favorites yet. I started with a monochromatic sketch and paint job and then I played around with the different Photoshop options to the add colors.


This piece was quite a big headache. I'm not completely happy with the end result, but it got to a point where I wasn't sure on how to improve it anymore. It's what happens when I am so eager to put out content on a daily basis and there's not much time between finishing it and give it some hours to look at it with fresh new eyes. Living and learning!


The process of this digital painting was the same one from "Unicorn Girl".  This one turned out so soft and fluffy that it's probably my favorite digital painting from April! The harmony of the colors is also a big plus!


This one was another portrait practice turned into a somewhat finished painting. Once again, it was fun working around with the hair and I've been wanting to improve how I paint curls - it needs some work!


For the longest time I ignored my textured brushes on Photoshop and would just stick to round brush + airbrush, but on this painting I changed that. A bit of roughness in a piece isn't that bad. I also love conceptualizing outfits, so needless to say that I had a lot of fun with this one as well!


Painting water is a bit hard, but wet surfaces illusions are very cool to paint. I was very happy with how the character turned out, but looking at it now I'd add some more variation on the blue of the water.


Here's a sort of monochromatic portrait. I wanted to achieve a different style from my usual colored portraits. Looking forward to make more like these in the future.


This was a cool concept to work around with. Sometimes I struggle with what to do with the backgrounds in order to compliment the main focus of the painting. I tried many things for the background on this piece, but after so many tries I decided to go simple with it.


Some fan art for the month! Working with the highlights of the body is one of my favorite steps. It's not a perfect piec, but it's always a stepping stone to get to a desired skill level!


I mentioned many times before how much I love Heroes of the Storm, and Lunara happens to be one of my most played hero. Even though I like the way she originally looks in game, I decided to give her a little spin when it comes to her looks.


I painted this very last minute and with no particular vision. It was created on the spur of the moment and her oufit is one of my favorites I've done so far.


I don't usually paint guys, but I find it to be a very needed effort in order to broaden my skills and subjects variety. Just have to work a little bit more on painting better male features.


My illustration for my Birthstone Series! As it happens once in a blue moon, on this painting I didn't obssess that much over details and making things perfect. I think it turned out looking fluid because of that. Side note: check out my previous birthstone illustrations! Garnet | Amethyst | Aquamarine.

And that's it for the month of April! I hope you guys enjoyed it and that you look forward to my future digital paintings! <3

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