July 4, 2018

Azure | Digital Painting Art

Hello everyone! :D

Yet again, another old sketch rescued this week! This particular sketch was already in black and white and shaded and - fun fact - it was actually my first version for my emerald's illustration. As I was going through some psd files, so I could clean up my laptop's space, I came across many forgotten sketches that I will definitely revamp for future use.

This piece didn't take me long to finish, which makes me quite happy since it allows me to spend time on the logistic side of art!

If you'd like to see the process of this digital painting, I have the full process video (a bit over 3 hours), full layered psd file and a step by step png of this piece, up on my Gumroad!

Hope you like it and I'll check back with you again soon! :)

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