July 16, 2018

Mask | Digital Painting Art

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?

For this monday's digital painting, I was inspired by Money Heist. I loved that show and today it randomly came to mind. I had a few troubles with the sketch phase since I forgot how easy to ruin a profile view of the face is. Thankfully it all came together as I went.
If you're interested, I have the full PSD file of this digital painting's process along with a step by step png on my Gumroad!
Also, I've already put together my print shop! :D For now I'm sticking with Inrpnt since I don't own a printer at the moment. I decided to upload my favorite pieces over there, but if you have any other suggestion from any previous digital paintings of mine that you'd like as a print, please let me know <3

I hope you have a great week ahed and I'll be seeing you soon!

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